Unique Five-Day Intensive at Cure Park, Amsterdamse Bos, 5-9 July 2017

“Language is not just a tool but is the domain which makes us human. It is not that we learn language it is more that language learns us. Man is made by language. We live in language,” says neuro-scientist Francisco Varela in the 1990 ‘Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing Economy’ meetings at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

To learn tomorrow’s words we listen 5–9 July to what is said by the artists, scientists, spiritual leaders and economists in the Stedelijk. We cook and eat fresh foods that connect us to our subtle consciousness, make us creative, open-minded and give us playful inspiration. The rhythm of the days is strict. We start at 7 in the morning and keep going till 8 in the evening. It is advisable to sleep in the Amsterdamse Bos, where Cure Park takes place. The camping is near and offers cabins for four, included in the price for your participation.

Twenty-one participants are cordially invited. Your motivation is most      important. Are you ready to sit silent together, to cook together and eat together, to watch 64 hours unique unedited film documents of ‘Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing Economy’ and then give towards the end of each day a public excerpt of the words and insights you picked up that day. At the very end of our five days, at 5 PM on Sunday 9 July, during a festive meeting, you are to bring your selection of words and insights to an audience of specially invited guests, eager to hear the language that, according to you, fits our future.  “Language is the medium in which we all exist,” Francisco Varela states. It is a good investment to investigate, cultivate and learn to speak tomorrow’s language.

Arrive the evening before so you can sleep on the camping or elsewhere near and start Wednesday 5 July at 7 AM sharp.

To ensure your bed register soon as possible. We have options on rooms with 4 beds  until 17 June 2017. To bring your own tent or camper, or rent a single or double room go to:

Thanks to the loyal sponsors who support the Cure Park event we can offer participation at 175 euro per person for the full Five Day Intensive: ‘Learn Tomorrow’s Language’

(English spoken)

LOUWRIEN WIJERS is initiator of the mental sculpture ‘Art meets Science and Spirituality in a changing Economy’

EGON HANFSTINGL is initiator of ‘Everybody an Artist Food Workshop’